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The most important and complex phase of The Kings’ Crusade begins when you lead your armies into real-time battles. These skirmishes take place on very detailed, fully three dimensional battle maps, where you can control hundreds of soldiers, deploy tactical objects and perform various tactical actions. Sometimes you have to accomplish quests; in other cases your task is simply to break the resistance or try to defend yourself against deadly counterattacks. Battles will provide you various challenges, where it’s not always necessary to defeat an entire army.

In every battle you’ll get the chance to use your tactical skills. If you’re not playing on the easiest difficulty level, simply raiding the enemy army will not be enough to win the battle. To achieve victory, you’ll have to keep the morale of your units high, and make the best of the natural traits of the battlefield – forests, hills, rivers and such grant you huge advantages if you use them wisely. The most important battles are broken up into more episodes, so you can do some preparations on the battlefield before your enemies arrive. Command your army in battles as a talented tactical leader and no one will be able to stand in your way to glorious victory.

Weather and terrain

Weather has a huge effect on the outcome of battles - make sure to take advantage of the different weather conditions or beware of those that are a disadvantage for you.

You need to use the terrain properly as well in order to be victorious. The Crusader army, for instance, has many heavy armored units that are ill suited for combat in desert like terrain. On the other hand the Saracen army is at disadvantage on open plains. These are a few examples of how wheather and terrain play important parts in the game.

Neutral units

In some cases neutral units appear on the battleground. They protect a given location or area on the battlemap or attack everyone who passes by. So be careful and keep in mind: “The enemy of my enemy is my friend – unless he's my enemy, too.” Let them fight and shoot them both. Or not, the decision is always yours.


Managing the morale is very important in The Kings' Crusade. Morale directly affect fighting effectiveness and each units ability to take and deal damage. Units with low morale run the risk of being exposed to special morale base statuses such as "Shocked" or "Broken".

Battle engineering

In the some of the deploy phases between missions or before a single battle, you’ll be able to deploy active or passive tactical elements or employ different tactical options. If your army is stronger on open field than in a forest, it might be a good idea to cut down the trees before the battle starts. If your reports say that the enemy army has many cavalry units, be tricky and wait for them behind stakes. If the enemy is fortified behind high walls, deploy catapults for a siege and break those walls into pieces. There are many more exciting actions available to battle commanders.

Episodic missions – multiple deploy phases

Some battles are broken up into episodes, where enemy forces regroup after a failed attack and you must deal with a new threat. You can regroup your forces during the episodes in the same battle mission and emply battle engineering techniques. For example, you capture a territory from a smaller army, but your task doesn’t end here because you’ll have to keep it as well. Nearby enemy forces arrive to attack you and you’ll find yourself engaged in battle again before you could prepare for another wave. After defeating them you’ll have time for a deep breath and to do some preparations before the main enemy army arrives.