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Battles in the Holy Land

The Campaign Map is a detailed, fully 3D rendered terrain depicting the Holy Land and the Middle East, where the battles follow each other in a non-linear campaign structure – so you decide which battle (mission) you are going to fight next. In between battles, when you’re not fighting your enemies, there are still important events that require your attention. You are the leader of a very powerful army, so you will need to make political and economical decisions, manage your glorious army and train your heroes and units. Enlist healers to tend the wounded, hire captains to lead the troops and let the priests make your warriors believe in a God who is worth fighting… and even dying for.

The Holy Land

This is a sacred land for many religions, an everlasting, divine dream for kings and knights, priests and pilgrims of the past, present and future. And so it has became a blood-soaked battleground where the Crusaders and the Saracens fought for decades for the holy cities. And now the Saracens seem to conquer everything they had ever lost.

Were the efforts of the First Crusade all in vain? Will you let the Holy Land fall to your enemies? This is your chance to change history.


Between the missions you will be tasked with managing several aspects of your forces. You will need to fill up your ranks, recruit, merge, upgrade units and provide them different skills and abilities as they gain more and more experience in battles. You can also upgrade Armour and Weaponry for your troops.

Sometimes you can hire a Captain, a very strong elite soldier who also appears in battles as a sure way to boost the morale of the unit he is leading. Strong leadership will make the unit more effective.

Priests/Imams and Healers can join units as non-combat retainers. They raise the Morale of the unit and the Faith of the attached hero and automatically heal a few soldiers after the battle so the loss will be much lower.

Heroes and units – Experience and skills

In the epic battles of The Kings’ Crusade you will command numerous unit types and several unique heroes. The main characters are all well-known notabilities of the past and thus they have extremely important roles in the game. The two protagonists are the leaders of the two armies fighting for the Holy Land: Richard the Lionheart commandeering the Crusaders and Saladin, who united the Saracens. As you progress in the campaign you’ll get access to other heroes as well. They gain experience in battles, depending on how well they fought and the overall success of the army. You can improve their abilities, teach them new skills or improve the previous ones. You can give them Relics that grant powerful effects. They are true leaders and the heads of your powerful army. Losing a trained hero is a huge casualty, so keep a careful eye on them.

Just like the heroes, units also gain experience in battles. You can specialize your units in different ways and at the end of the campaign each and every unit will be very unique. Consider two infantry units of the same type; You can either make them into defensive unit, which will protect your archers from enemy attack. Or you specialize them in becoming a killing machine by training them to deal more damage. Offensive units run the risk of high casualty rates, so maybe it’s a good idea to hire them a healer. This way you’ll get very different units even from the same unit types that will require very different tactics in battles.

Political and economical decisions

The story of The Kings’ Crusade is based on the political and economical decisions you will have to make, considering the current situation and your long term goals. It’s not always easy to sail against the heavy wind of politics. Each decision affects the gameplay and provides you with different rewards, such as resources, heroes, new unit types, and many more.