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Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: What is The Kings’ Crusade?

A: The Kings’ Crusade is a mission-to-mission Real Time Strategy game with plenty of RolePlayingGame elements set in the Middle East during the crusades in the 12th century. The main goal of the game is to occupy the three most important cities of the Middle East (Jerusalem, Baghdad and Konya), then expand the zone of your authority until it covers the entire region. There are two campaigns available in the game: the Crusader and the Saracen Campaigns.

Q: Is The Kings’ Crusade an authentic historical strategy game? Or can we use magic in our battles?

A: The names, locations, weaponry, combat tactics and all details are historically authentic. Furthermore the first part of the Crusader campaign reflects real historical events. But very early in the game there is twist in the flow of events and from that point the game changes into the chronicle of an alternative history, leading to events what could have happened. Instead of magic and artifacts, heroes will have mundane, but special abilities and Relics to help them in battles.

Q: How do the Saracen and the Crusader campaigns differ?

A: The main difference is that the Crusader and the Saracen army consist of totally different unit types and both require completely different battle tactics. Regarding the mechanics of the Campaign Map, the biggest difference is that Crusader campaign relies heavily on the diplomatic relations with the Factions, while the Saracens can use a very sophisticated research system. This combined with the different resources on both sides will result in a very different management system and background.

Q: How do I get resources?

A: The main supply of resources is the political events and the “mission rewards”. All completed missions may grant rewards such as Gold, Faith, reinforcements, new units, new heroes, Fame, relics, Upgrade points etc. There are two types of mission rewards: instant rewards immediately grant resources, while the long-term rewards make the occupied area permanently grant resources until the end of the game.


Q: What factors does the difficulty level setting influence?

A: The difficulty level effects the armour and the weaponry, thus the damage and defence stats of the opposing parties and the amount of the mission rewards. The enemy isn't "dumbed down" in other aspects of the game to make it easier.

Q: What happens if Richard the Lionheart or Saladin dies?

A: It’s an instant game over! But both of them are very strong characters, protected by their bodyguards – the special units of the main heroes – and you’ll get a warning if the life of your main hero is in danger.

Q: How can I manage the economy of the occupied territories?

A: The Kings’ Crusade is mainly a game of conquest, long term management in the occupied territories is a secondary goal, but you will be still able to make economical decisions through political events.

Q: What does the “non-linear campaign structure” mean?

A: It means that the end of the campaign is the same – uniting all territories, but you can choose your own path to victory. If you go in different directions or choose different strategies, you’ll face different armies and events.