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The Kings’ Crusade uses historical facts and the settings of the Holy Land in the 12th century as foundation for the game. From there the game lets the player mold the outcome of one of the most exciting periods in history.


In the last decades of the 12th century, almost one hundred years after the fall of Jerusalem – when the knights of the First Crusade finally besieged the Holy City, the Crusader Kingdoms were left in ruins, reduced both in size and significance, trying to withstand the attacks of the Saracens united under the command of a brilliant leader.

In 1187, Saladin, Sultan of Egypt, recaptured Jerusalem and began to fight back the Christian armies of the Holy Land. Saladin's victories and the fall of Jerusalem shocked Europe. Pope Gregory VIII called for a crusade, which was led by several of Europe's most important leaders: Philip II of France, Frederick I, Holy Roman Emperor and perhaps most famous of all Richard I of England (aka Richard the Lionheart). The so called Kings’ Crusade had begun.

Although Frederick drowned in 1190, Lionheart captured the island of Cyprus from the Byzantines in 1191 then sailed toward the Holy Land. Philip left the Crusade, in 1191, after the Crusaders had recaptured Acre from the Saracens. The Crusader army headed south along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. They defeated the Saracens near Arsuf, recaptured the port city of Jaffa, and were in sight of Jerusalem.

This is how it all happened a long time ago. Now, in The Kings’ Crusade it’s your turn to rewrite the past. In this game you will be able to fight the first few battles exactly the way it happened before, but you’ll also get the chance to capture the Holy City and continue a new crusade that never thought possible before. Take matters into your own hands and change history.