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The Kings' Crusade features multiplayer for 2 players as opposing forces in the struggle in the Holy Land.


You can fight battles with your chosen opponent in two available multiplayer modes. One is a symmetrical setup, where both parties arebalanced, the other is asymmetrical with a Defender/Attacker setup.You can set the basic settings and the availability of the basic sources as you wish and you can also choose the battlefield. In both game modes you can spend your Gold on units and heroes, but you can also buy different pieces of equipment and relics as well to help them in the battle.

Domination: Players start with balanced conditions, so this game mode is a great opportunity to try the different unit combinations and find out which army assembly is more powerful. It’s very important to select and use the units with the traits of the chosen battle terrain in mind, and you have to be also careful about the current weather conditions – in other words, it is exactly the same as in single player matches. In this game mode you’ll need to capture most of the Victory Locations on the battlefield to achieve victory.

Defender vs. Attacker: In this game mode there’s a time limit that you can set before the battle. The goal of the Attacker is to destroy the enemy within the set timeframe. Logically the Defender must hold on and survive the battle. In this setting the Attacker starts with more Gold, while the Defender is allowed to do some necessary arrangements before the battle begins – it’s called “Battle engineering” and covers tactical preparations like cutting down trees, deploying low walls, oil splashes or trebuchets.